In one of our most exciting and challenging partnerships yet, Pink Kitty was tasked with designing a logo for the Entertainment Capital of the World, that honors the cultural diversity of local Las Vegans while also capturing the essence and glamor of this iconic city.


The creative outline provided by the city of Las Vegas boiled down to a few adjectives: Iconic, Timeless, Progressive, Modern, Fresh, Exciting, with a nod to the Glamorous era of yesteryear.

Using this outline as a guide, we logged hours of research, learning more about Las Vegas’s rich history, it’s people, and the stylistic tones of both yesterday and today. As we worked and learned, we created an inspirational mood board to help  define a new identity for this one-of-a-kind city.

For this visual identity, we choose the font Big Noodle Titling for the “CITY OF” type because of its wonderful clarity in any medium. Big Noodle captures an industrial feel with a modern, progressive flair that is perfectly timeless. The “Las Vegas” type originated from the font, Stay High by Syed Faraz Ahmed. We transformed each letter to embody the mood and style of the city. The imperfect flow and vintage, hand-lettered type gives the design a classic look with a contemporary nod to the glamorous Las Vegas of yesteryear.

When choosing a color palette, we made sure to choose colors that supported the brand adjectives which served as an inspiration and guide. The predominant jazzy, rose-tone bubbles with energy while also hinting at a modern-retro vibe. The diamonds pay homage to the original Stardust sign while the fandango pink, milky blue, and saffron liven up the deep, jazzy rose of the “Las Vegas” type. The cool gray of the “CITY OF” type grounds the design and gives it a sense of balance.


FUN FACT: Did you know that the chosen design almost didn’t make the cut?! It was actually slated for the reject pile because we were not sure it adequately captured the modern essence the city had asked for. Despite this, we couldn’t shake the feeling that this design felt the most like the Las Vegas we know and love. Our focus group felt the same and after being voted the unanimous favorite in a focus test among friends and colleagues, the design was presented to the city and chosen as the new identity for the city of Las Vegas.

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VEGAS trailer
Urban Land ad Sept-Oct 2016