Mitch had years of experience in the medical marijuana business in Colorado and was ready to open multiple locations in Las Vegas. He knew what made his dispensaries successful wasn’t just a well-trained and compassionate team—he also needed a great brand.

That's where Pink Kitty came in. First, we worked  with Mitch to lay the foundation of the brand by using our  positioning strategy document. This document included everything from a list of competitors, target audiences, key features and benefits to communication attributes, core essence and a slew of other parameters. This form became the foundation for the company’s identity. By using the positioning document, we named the company, designed the logo identity and website as well as collateral materials, a monster truck wrap, T-shirts and many other pieces of merchandise.


In fact, Mitch was so happy with the look and feel of his new brand that he asked us to completely design the interior of his retail locations! With the reins unleashed, Pink Kitty took this opportunity to create true brand experience for THRIVE patients—we designed everything from paint colors, flooring and furniture to custom wall treatments, plants and fine art pieces that supported the essence of the company’s branding position.

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