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Every great brand starts with a good story...

Chef/Owner Brian Howard has a soft spot for the humble chicken. It’s deceptively simple; the perfect platform to showcase complex flavors. He created Half Bird as a love letter to what he considers a staple food—the ticket to a world-spanning exploration of tastes, in familiar, casual dishes to share with family and friends.

Pink Kitty has been collaborating with Owner Chef Brian Howard on a few Sparrow + Wolf projects building a great synergy of creative collaboration. When he shared his story behind Half Bird, I was hooked. I met with architects Bunnyfish Studio to understand their vision for the space. From there I was able to develop a captivating mood board that encompassed the style and tone of the brand. My daughter Raven Snow Design created the chicken mascot and all its different poses. The foundation of the brand consists of the story, logos, colors, fonts, patterns, and photography style. From there I was able to design the interior of the restaurant including signage, wall wraps, murals, chicken feet lighting, and the icing on the cake, the wavy mirror, and two rubber chicken chandeliers produced by dear friend Ruzo Logic. In unison with the restaurant interior design was all the rest of the necessities including hats, tee shirts, pins, stickers, sandwich paper, cups, boxes, bags, business cards, beer label, and billboards. You can check out the website, along with the mouth-watering food photography both created by Sabin Orr.

hbcb01 logo.jpg
HBCB Henderson copy
hbcb17 logo BLACK
hbcb granddaddy
hbcb24 outside raven
hbcb02 PACKAGING02
hbcb22 room
hbcb09 BAGS
hbcb23 mirror
hbcb18 HATS
hbcb21 baathroom
hbcb20 billboard
hbcb12 APRON
hbcb16 love me tee
hbcb15 savage
hbcb14 TEE
hbcb13 beer
hbcb10 bag,tray
hbcb08 boxes08
hbcb03 PACKAGE1
hbcb05 CUPS
hbcb04 CHICKEN
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