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Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Graphic Designer, Artist, Gallery Director

Victoria Hart, a multi-media designer who creates works on the Mac and the canvas, glass, metal and any added curio that capture her fancy. Captured fancy is a way of life for Victoria, in and out of the job description, as both an art collector, mid century modern enthusiast and as the owner of Pink Kitty Creative. In the past few years Victoria has had the amazing opportunity of branding the City of Las Vegas, in addition to decor, design, and wayfinding for the retail spaces of Half Bird Chicken & Beer, Thrive Cannabis Marketplace and the upscale boutiques The Love Store.

Victoria grew up in Washington, attended the Art Institute of Seattle and graduated with a degree in commercial art. Fearing she was beginning to rust, Victoria headed for warmer climate and settled in Las Vegas in 1993. Formerly the creative director of award-winning gaming company Westwood Studios and premier design firm CDI Studios, Victoria has years of experience in smart design, branding and marketing. Her esthetically acute observational skills, intuitive eye, and passion for great design gives her significant insight into the world design and marketing.


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